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A Springtime Switch from Coffee to Green Tea

I officially quit coffee for good a month ago. I was definitely addicted to it, and felt like I needed it, even though I was immediately stressed out after my single small morning cup.

It’s widely known that coffee/caffeine increases our levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
This upsets our hormonal balance during our moon cycle too, and if you get hormonal breakouts, I would highly suggest cutting coffee for at least a month to see if it helps acne issues.

I myself don’t suffer from breakouts, but after a month without coffee I have noticed less dryness and my skin is more even toned, and less prone to redness. This is very unscientific, but I feel as though it has made my skin less sensitive.

In Ayurveda, coffee is considered a dead food because it is roasted. It is rajasic or a stimulant that calls the body into action, and therefore imbalancing to Pitta and Vata. A Pitta imbalance shows up as acid indigestion, and irritability, and if your coffee is consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, this can really exacerbate acidic conditions in the body. A Vata imbalance manifests as dehydration, scattered feelings, restlessness, and insomnia. I would be kidding myself if I said I never experienced something like this from coffee, and now that I don’t drink it, I don’t feel that awful slump around 3:00 pm either! The only dosha that can receive a benefit from coffee is Kapha, but it must be consumed before 10 a.m. during that slow heavy start to the day.

I know it’s hard, because if you love coffee, you think you need it. But it is amazing how the body adapts and comes to crave the things it is given. I switched to green tea because of its vast number of health benefits without the troubles that accompanied coffee. One of them being that its high level of antioxidants protect the skin from UV rays and neutralize the damage after exposure. Green tea with honey has even gotten some press for being helpful for acne!

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