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My First Facial

If I had to sum up my experience having my first Customized PhytoFacial, it could only be described as though Katie were Michelangelo and I was the clay she was shaping to become David. The detail and attention I was given during this service was unparalleled. As soon as I took those deep breathes during the aromatherapy, I was in a trance. We never notice how much stress and pain our bodies hold, until someone brings awareness to these areas. My scalp, my arms, my chest- all were so tense; and these are places that we don’t give any care to, so when they are finally worked on we realize how much unnecessary agony we go through. Katie gave attention to all the areas that needed it.

A facial at K. WEST is never just about the face, it is about the experience as a whole. After cleansing my skin thoroughly and using the Laurel Almond Rose exfoliant (which smells like a wildflower field) to gently buff the surface of my skin, she applied a warm, custom seaweed mask to my face to nourish and moisturize. While the mask was setting she massaged my feet and arms with an aromatic, warmed oil. Afterwards, she focused her attention on my upper body’s lymphatic drainage. Many people don’t realize the importance of ensuring the lymph is circulating properly. The lymph is the fluid that houses all of your toxins; at some point, all the toxins in your blood will enter the lymph system. If this system isn’t stimulated properly then those toxins will build up and begin to physically and emotionally affect you. Katie used multiple massage techniques to release the lymph blockage I was experiencing in my chest and neck, as well as relaxing and soothing the tense muscles of my limbs.

As I hadn’t had a facial in nearly four years, she knew to create a plan that would reduce excess buildup and breakouts, but that would be gentle enough as to not irritate my sensitive skin. Katie completely customized this facial to my skin’s needs. Once the mask was peeled off, she toned my skin with the Laurel Hydrating Elixar II to rebalance and soothe my skin. Utilizing gua sha techniques, Katie sculpted and massaged my face with a special face oil. Gua sha is beneficial to tone the muscles in the face, and increase circulation- both improving the look and feel of the skin. The facial was finished off with an application of the Laurel Recovery Balm and their Blemish Treatment to reduce any irritation and redness from my breakouts. As the products were sinking into my skin, Katie topped off the whole service with another amazing scalp massage.

The difference between a quality facial and a ‘run of the mill’ facial is astounding. Katie’s experience and expertise is so apparent when you work with her. The fluidity of her movements, her knowledge of the body and it’s most important points, her attention to every detail- all add up to ensure her clients receive the most relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Katie doesn’t select products at random, every product used in the services have been well planned to best suit your skin’s needs. She listens to what your history and concerns are, then uses her professional expertise to decide what the best treatment plan will be and what the most beneficial home regimen will be to continue the healing after you leave the spa. I learned so much from my time with Katie; I am grateful she took the time to introduce me to the world of Laurel- I will most definitely be scheduling another facial!

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