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Cosmetic Acupuncture

The face reflects the larger system including digestion, stress, sleep, and lifestyle. Cosmetic Acupuncture offers a wholistic approach by balancing the chi and different organ systems that when imbalanced cause wrinkles, sagging skin and overall appearance. A series of at least four Cosmetic Acupuncture sessions can offer rejuvenation of not only the face but a rebalancing of the body too. When coupled with K.WEST treatments like Microcurrrent, in our Ulitmate Lift Series, you can expect quicker more dramatic results that mimic more invasive treatments like Botox or Fillers without the downtime or potential side effects.

At your initial visit there will be a health assessment, including tongue and pulse diagnosis. After the assessment, fine, filiform needles are inserted into the face at acupuncture points and along fine lines. Some body acupuncture points will be needled as well in order to treat your constitutional energetic imbalances. The needles are sterile, single use needles. You may feel a small sensation with the insertion, and you may feel tingling throughout the face and body once the needles are placed. The needles are retained in the face and the body for approximately 30 minutes. Occasionally, there will be a bruise at one or more of the acupuncture points. This is normal and will not negatively impact the results of the treatment. During follow-up sessions, we will have a brief check in about your progress and then get starting with the treatment.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture treatments can target excess fluid and puffiness, breakouts, dull skin, boost collagen production, cell turnover, minimize fine lines, sculpt and boost facial definition, increase circulation and elastin to firm and tone, and promote detoxification. A facial acupuncture treatment will also address the underlying energetic patterns that contribute to the skin’s condition. Your initial visit will include pulse reading and a few body points for balance.

Initial Visit $180 (must be booked first)

Follow-Up $155

Ultimate Lift Series Bundle

In these combined treatments, the synergy between microcurrent and facial acupuncture provide the ultimate in lift, muscle fitness and wrinkle reduction. Treatment includes a mini facial with optional peel add on. With these combined services expect quicker results requiring less follow-up visits. Results mimic invasive treatments, however with zero potential harmful side effects (other than occasional bruising). The only side effect is that your own body will be working better.

Initial Visit $300

Follow-Up $275

Remedy for Dermal Imbalance

Let go and flow. Acupuncture rebalances the root causes of inflammation from within the body. TCM and Laurel Whole Plant Organics herbal infusions heal and correct, while Gua Sha offers lymphatic drainage and moves congestion. Helpful for skin conditions that show up as redness on the skin, and acne.

Initial Visit $320

Follow-Up $295

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