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Microcurrent has been dubbed the non-invasive facelift. Originally developed as a treatment for Bell’s Palsy, microcurrent is a completely safe FDA approved device for increasing facial and neck muscle tone, lifting the “scaffolding” and resulting in more toned and tightened skin. Besides the massive increase of ATP*, protein synthesis and cellular membrane transport, clinical studies have shown that after 20 days of treatment, the INCREASE in:

  • production of elastin (48%)
  • production of collagen (14%)
  • blood circulation (38%)
  • number of blood vessels (35%)
  • lymphatic drainage (28%)

Skin regeneration is maximum during “Beauty Sleep.” But as we age, “Beauty Sleep” is not enough to counterbalance the signs of aging. After the age of 40, skin regeneration cannot keep up with the accelerated speed of sagging. Delta-rhythm sleep is the only time the body can regenerate the skin. Microcurrent works in the same Hz as Delta-rhythm sleep so deep healing occurs with sub sensory treatments as it does in “Beauty Sleep.”

  • Lifts Face, Neck, Jowls & Eyebrows
  • Firms, Tones & Repairs Skin
  • Significant Lifting of Muscles
  • Sculpts Facial Features
  • Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness
  • Significant Wrinkle Reduction
  • Increases Skin Youthfulness & Glow
  • Reduces Acne
  • Shrinks Large Pores
  • Increases Lymphatic Drainage
  • Diminish Pigmentation
  • Diminish Sun Damage
  • Reduces Scars
  • Relaxes TMJ

There are many microcurrent devices out there. K.WEST only uses the latest four channel delivery system, Neurotris, resulting in faster, longer lasting results.

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