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Personal Prescription

Beauty is a reflection of the state of your inner ecology, mind, and self-care. During your initial visit, time is taken to consult with you and design your Personal Prescription. This plan is carefully designed to transform your skin, not just maintain it.

Your Personal Prescription is a co-creation with You. It is meant to be a journey of self-discovery and self-care, through which you will emerge greatly in tune with your body, mind and soul. From this deep knowing, your skin will glow…your aura will glow.

Personal Prescriptions include diet and lifestyle adjustments, skin care regimen enhancements, and suggested treatment series. We are here to support you through this transformational process with our full menu of services, including energy work, yoga, meditation, herbalism, massage, LED bed treatments, group support circles. Our approach is not a quick fix “band-aid” solution, but one that is natural and steady, working with your body to regenerate and raise the frequency. We look to sustainable solutions for both your ecology and that of this precious earth.

Personal Prescriptions are suggested outlines for your whole health and wellness. Our mission is to support you in a true connection to yourself and our community for a most radiant life. We have crafted our offerings to facilitate radiant wellness inside and out.

 Supporting true connection to yourself and community, for a most radiant life.

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