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Skin reflects what is in. Outward appearances more often than not give a clear picture of the state of your mind, body and spirit. Our approach to skincare is an all encompassing one which weaves diet, meditation, highly effective treatments, and of course our favorite gifts from the earth in the form of healthy and 100% natural skincare products. Rooted in traditional and modern approaches, our offerings to you are sustainable for the micro and macrocosm. For example, treatments like Microcurrent and DNA CryoStemCell Therapy work with your body to regenerate its natural functioning unlike quick “band-aid” approaches that can leave you deflated months or years down the road. If it is your first time visiting us, please consider booking the “initial visit” offerings to provide more time to co-create your Personal Prescription.


A soothing body therapy can be the ultimate way to renew the connection to yourself. Our therapies are inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition, in which external body treatments are considered an important way to detoxify and renew. Our unique and deeply relaxing therapies seek to rejuvenate your body and mind, whether it’s through the soothing touch of an Abhyanga massage, light therapy or warm oil treatment such as Shirodhara.


We believe nourishing the soul is an essential part of the self-care routine. K.WEST offers many modalities for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our soul centered services help you find balance to break through energy blockages and support harmony within yourself. These offerings afford you the space to release the stress of daily demands or past experiences that become stuck in your conscious and/or subconscious mind, effecting your day to day experience.


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The same wonderful products used by k.West Skin Body Soul are available to continue the special treatment at home, anywhere in the US.

 Supporting true connection to yourself and community, for a most radiant life.

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