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Soul Treatments

We believe nourishing the soul is an essential part of the self-care routine. K.WEST offers many modalities for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our soul centered services help you find balance to break through energy blockages and support harmony within yourself. These offerings afford you the space to release the stress of daily demands or past experiences that become stuck in your conscious and/or subconscious mind, effecting your day to day experience.

Remote Reiki + Zoom Consultation

60 Minute Session | $125

Packages Available.

In need of energy work but desire to keep it distant? We begin our session with a zoom consultation, addressing what you’d like to accomplish during the session. While Nina works on your energy remotely, we invite you to spend a 60 minute self care session where you may be doing yoga, meditating, napping or going about your normal routine. Because we are all connected to the Universal Energy force, Nina is able to connect with your energy and perform Reiki in the same manner as in person. Afterwards, Nina spends time writing you a follow up email describing what she has felt and any intuitive messages that have come through for you. During this session, Nina makes use of a multitude of tools and rituals that are sure to help illuminate issues, remove physical and emotional pain and help you see your world in new ways.

Cathartic Healing

60 Minute Session | $125

Packages Available.

Within our minds and bodies we sometimes hold shame, secrets, regrets and fears. Despite all our work,  we are unable to release the roots of these energies which block us and keep us from true peace and happiness.

This unique therapy combines Reiki with a guided journey inward designed to reveal and remove such blockages in a beautiful, fun and un-stressful way. Using  guided visualization and deep relaxation we tap into your creative mind, freeing thoughts, seeing their beauty, and releasing their hold on you.

Each session is 100% unique to you and your deepest desires for freedom. You never have to reveal your issues to work through them.
Just relax, let your creative mind take over and let the healing take place.

Intuitive Energy Healing

60 Minute Session | $125

Packages Available.

True vibrancy and beauty begins within our spiritual body. This inner energy expresses itself in our thoughts, emotions and feelings and is what we call our soul. This dynamic part of being human comes into our awareness as we grow older and we begin to develop our sense of purpose and self in relation to the world.

It is essential to connect to this inner world so we can release negative thought patterns and stagnant energy created from family conditioning and past experiences to become our true vibrant selves.

Energy work bathes your soul in light, allowing you to gently let go of anxieties and fears that no longer serve your life, frees your body to release tension and pain, and allows you to see clearly wonder and beauty in the world around you.

Using Reiki and other practices such as  guided meditation, music, creative visualizations, and poetry, each 60 minute session is catered to your exact needs/desires because no two souls are alike and every moment is a new chance for awakening.

Guided Chakra Meditation With Reiki  

60 Minute Session | $125

Reiki is the art of healing using spiritual energy through the laying on of hands. By way of this method we can listen to and feel the body’s subtle energy, and work with it to restore balance. When balance is established, energy is able to flow freely, allowing for  comfort, healing and deep relaxation to be achieved.

Listen and relax as you are guided through a full body relaxation experience. This session will open up the energy centers of the chakras, allowing for wisdom, peace and energy to move through you. As you are being guided, Reiki will also be performed, helping to clear blockages and move the energy in and out in a flowing and healing way. You will emerge from this session feeling energized, with tools to help keep these precious energy centers open.

Reiki For Pain Relief

60 Minute Session | $125

Injury, illness, trauma, and unresolved emotions lock tight, dense, immovable masses of energy within our bodies.  These masses cause uncomfortable aches, pains, and emotions that consume our thoughts and lives.

Reiki is the art of healing using spiritual energy through the laying on of hands. By way of  this method we can listen to and feel the body’s subtle energy, and work with it to restore balance. When balance is established, energy is able to flow freely, allowing for  comfort, healing and deep relaxation to be achieved.

Attract Love

60 Minute Session | $125

Do you feel ready for some healthy, kind love in your life but can’t seem to find it? Even after doing self-work we can still attract the wrong kind of partner. Let’s break the cycle and draw you the love and relationship you deserve!

This session includes an intention ceremony to help you get clear, as well as a Reiki Healing session where you will let go of old patterns and ideas about love in order to open your heart to fully give and receive LOVE!

Creating Connection

60 Minute Session | $190

Benefit from a new kind of date night with your partner; come experience a connection that will leave you floating on air! You and your partner will be led through a guided Reiki and Meditation session where you will experience your personal energy and your partner’s energy blending in a new, unique way.

Each session is custom designed to suit your needs; Nina will work to establish the best love connection possible. If you want to heal damaged parts of your partnership that keep you from sharing your truest love, we will get to the root of the issue and make lasting changes so you can nurture and grow the relationship you desire.

If your love is red hot, Nina will guide you on a deep dive into the infinite love of two hearts coming together. Feel the power of your energy combining together in pure, radiant love and experience your partner in a whole new way.

Love Healing

60 Minute Session | $125

If your heart feels broken and closed down due to a separation or just bad experiences- this session is for you. Nina will guide you to clear out the old, repetitive stories that trap you in suffering! We all take hits in the heart and sometimes it’s hard to let go of that pain.

This heart healing will strip away old pains and nurture you back into the real beauty of love. You will leave feeling a renewed sense of self-love to set clear, healthy boundaries that will keep your heart safe and open.

Meditation Coaching

40 Minute Session | $45

Packages Available.

New to meditation, or need help committing to a daily practice? This one on one consultation will help you find a personalized practice that will become a true foundation in your life, allowing you to connect on a deep level to your highest Self. Available as a package as well as one off session, for those needing more support.


 Supporting true connection to yourself and community, for a most radiant life.

Book your appointment online, or call (734) 436-8991.

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